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Longines Replica Watches will introduce a new method of watch certification this year. This will be done both in-house as well as in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology. The new process will be mainly focused on testing the performance of the watch when it's subjected strong magnetic fields. The procedure was designed to test the brand's Master Co-Axial Escapements movements in a more precise manner.

Longines Replica Watches will replace the COSC certification currently in use with a brand new one, as revealed at a press conference hosted by Swatch Group. Longines Replica Watches is owned by Swatch Group. Longines Replica Watches will no longer rely on the independent COSC to provide proof of its performance. Instead, Sinn Replica will do this on its own. This is because the current process does not adequately test the quality of timepieces exposed to strong magnetic fields. This is of particular importance to the watchmaker who produces its Master Co-Axial movement. These watches contain components made from silicon or non-magnetic material. These Longines Replica Watches watches can withstand magnetic fields up to 15,000 Gauss. Before their launch, watches were often referred to as magnetic resistant if they could cope with fields as weak as 15 times.

It is not surprising that the magnetic resistance of movements with Master Co-Axial Escapements cannot be accurately tested, as they are extremely rare. Longines Replica Watches is abandoning COSC certification. The brand will conduct the accuracy test at its own facilities, instead of relying on independent COSC certification. To ensure that the tests are conducted on time, all instruments, including a giant magnet owned by the brand, will first be certified by METAS. The Swiss metrology is controlled by the federal institute, which is also responsible for Swiss time.

The COSC chronometric test, which determines whether a watch is a clock, measures the accuracy of the chronometer within -5/+5 second in various temperatures and positions. Longines Replica Watches's new certification will test the accuracy of the watch after it is exposed to magnetic fields under and above 15,000 Gauss. The new procedure will also test the entire watch, not just the movement. Nick Hayek explained to the press in Geneva that these new testing procedures and the stamp of quality would be offered to other watchmakers.

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